The mission of Goose Cube is to bring the joy of experiential art to all people where they live.  

THe idea for goose cube comes from the belief that a truly beautiful experience can unleash our imaginations.  and that intimate moments with art can bring be a light for personal growth, innovation and conversation. Through our values, Our community acts to incite change toward a healthy planet and equal access to personal growth.

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We are Place Makers and activators

We create Goose Cubes to activate locations and communities. One Goose Cube is a experience, 5 Goose Cubes in a neighborhood is an event and has the potential to bring people from all over the community to go Goose Cubing. 10 Goose Cubes creates an opportunity to have a mini museum at your location.

We're a public good entity

We are dedicated to providing experiential art to underserved populations. Often times people don't have the time or resources to go to a museum to see top tier art. That's why we're bringing experiences to directly to neighborhoods. We deliver inspiration to people who don't get the chance to see it in the big institutions.           

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We are built with your help

Goose cube is created by the community. We are artists, art lovers, influencers, donors and people that care about others. We are always looking for volunteers who would like to help create a world changing system.        

We're work with a better future in mind

we always say that we're a public good entity coming from the future. We continually experiment to create a platform that serves everyone in our community so that we can create a future that serves everyone.          

We're building recurring artist income

We provide our artists with direct payments from entries into the Goose Cube. Our goal is to be like a Spotify for installation artists.

Art We make experiences to deliver to underserved populations

We create Goose Cubes so those who don't have easy access to art can see it where they already live. We intend to grow the Goose Cube community into the outer limits of where museums can't reach.

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Our Team

Kaino Brabo

Internship, Web Development

Kainoa is a software engineer focusing on web development. He’s had a chance to teach students and work of production applications for tech companies in San Francisco. When he's not ripping up the web, he's either taking photographs, grappling in Jiujitsu or mountain biking.

Favorite Color: Mountains

Kelsey Tremblay

Decoration Concepts

Kelsey grew up making friends with a miniature zoo of turtles, frogs, snakes, rabbits and dogs. (She kept the snakes away from the frogs and rabbits.) The smaller critters needed a safe habitat, so she created worlds for them: terrariums filled with little waterfalls and live plants and miniature logs. She graduated to interiors and decoration and has worked on the sets for Big Brother and Netflix Creeped out amoung others.

Favorite Color: Bright orange dahlias

Ryan Layne


Ryan Layne is a maker of things. He has a passion for building cool stuff. Software engineer by day, shop rat by night, and a long history of working on innovative and unique projects, it is this combination that lead him to design and build the software and hardware that helps to power the Goose Cubes.
Favorite Color: Purple

Thornton Wilson

Build Designer

Thronton is the nuclear power plant of furniture design. He designs and builds work using lasers, routers and elbow grease. he spends his free time painting and running with his kid. 

His awards include Best Installation : PLATFORM International Animation Festival 2007 and 4 time consecutive winner of Float or Die, PDX.

Favorite Color: BMX bikes

Steven Ochs


Steven Ochs is a disabled veteran, experience designer and artist. He has worked with companies such as Amazon and the Space Needle developing interactive experiences for the general public. His background in technology and design has lead to creating the Goose Cube.

Steven is a published researcher on interactive experiences in the built environment, published children's book author/illustrator and loves playing cards.

Favorite Color: Blue