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Goose Cube Community Platform
The therapy group for people that love technology, science and art.

We are a worldwide group of culture creators, brands and makers who believe in the power of immersive experiences. We activate people's imagination with story, art, interfaces and technologies in the format of Goose Cubes.


Welcoming Brands

Goose Cubes are experiential activations: sustainable story telling machines.

The immersive trend is here and Goose Cubes offer brands a way participate by leasing or commissioning couture Goose Cubes. As a member you'll receive exclusive monthly updates on upcoming immersive opportunities, tailored concept ideas and invitations to our idea farm events. Our community will mash-up your marketing goals with your technologies to create stellar Goose Cube ideas.

Importantly, once the Goose Cube is built, it lives on in our global rotation, making it sustainable and giving you more return on the marketing dollars you spend.

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Welcoming Agencies and Labs

Face it, your clients need Goose Cubes

You design and we'll build. Utilized our patented system to create the best immersive experiences for your clients. We'll take care of the service and maintenance and add the Goose Cube to our Global Exhibit.

Goose Cubes are in interesting design challenge because the interior must tell the story of your client's essence through art and immersion. Branding is allowed on the outside, but not inside because it prevents visitors from entering a new world. Can you create an immersive experience that presents the essence of the company? We'll work with you to help level your immersive experience game.

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Welcoming artists, thinkers and makers

We welcome all who would like to advance the immersive field.

We activate people's imagination with story, art, emotion, interfaces and technologies by collaborating with the best. The beauty of the Goose Cube format is that it is an accessible playground for new ideas. When a visitor enters a Goose Cube their expectations are open, allowing for experiments in new art forms, interfaces and technology mashups. Don't you want to design a Goose Cube?

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Creator Member Benefits

Receive calls-for-proposals for branded and externally funded Goose Cubes. Submit proposals, price and win work.

Group discussions

Like TED but more interactive and anonymous. Meet with brands leaders, culture creators, designers, technologists and artists.

Immersive Reports

Receive reports on new mashups, hackathon solutions and advances of interest in fields we deem to be exciting.


You might team up with the VP of design but you'll be working with the best. We'll make teams and hack products that are immersive.

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