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Goose Cube One : Dada Cube

It's a wild experience inside an infinity room, to have a personal interaction with forever. So far we've discovered that you almost can't spin in the room with out feeling overwhelmed, it's almost impossible to count all the times you see yourself and if you look up while your friend looks down you can wave at each other. The outcome of this collaboration has created a portal that puts power into your soul and a smile under your mask.
The coordination of the exterior and interior points to the dada movement and the irrational probability of time travel to save the world. However, the artists believe that time is spiral in nature and deserves a moment of contemplation of how the past, future and now interact. If you have a questions about the meaning of this work please chat us in the icon on the bottom right. 🌈 💬
We're hidden in the vineyards near Newberg, Oregon.

Learn about our COVID precautions
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We take your safety as our top priority

    We are abiding by all safety guidelines provided by the Oregon Health Authority but additionally providing more safety measures:

  • The Goose Cube is not available for viewing until we are allowed to operate, however we are expecting to be able to open after the new year so we're selling those beautiful Golden Tickets.
  • The Goose Cube is built with induction ventilation. So the holes in the bottom of the cube allow air to come up from below and move it up and out due to the body heat in the room. The top is half open adding more ventilation.
  • We ask that anyone who enters the room please use hand sanitizer before entering.

  • It's safe, come see us in the vineyards.

    Online ticketing Feb 8

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Exterior Artist: Chris Chandler

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Neu Haus Press was founded in 1996 by Chris Chandler after he acquired his first Vandercook Press in Venice Beach, CA. Through the years his love, talent, and knowledge for this vintage craft has grown -- inspired by pioneers of graphic design like master typographer Jan Tschichold, Bauhaus, Constructivist El Lissitzky, and the Expressionist painter and printmaker Erich Heckel. In addition to his printmaking, Chris spent 30 years working as a tour manager and sound engineer in the music industry and has had the privilege of sharing his passion for letterpress with a variety of musicians, leading to intimate collaborations and the opportunity to print their work. Making his home in Portland, Oregon with his wife and two children, Chris has been able to expand his studio and printing portfolio.

Instagram: @neuhauspress
Website: Neuhauspress.com

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Interior Artist: Steven Ochs

Post-disciplinary undesigner and Founder of Goose Cube

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Your contribution is returned to you plus additional revenue, so you can give again. We see Goose Cube funding as an investment that has many positive impacts beyond return on investment. We're proud that we've created a model that can offer value to everyone involved and get art experiences to underserved populations. If you're interested in funding a Goose Cube please click on the chat below.


Goose Cube One is out in the vineyards

The first Goose Cube is an 8' x 8' x 8' infinity room created for the joy of the dada movement. Sign up below to get the new hidden location out the Willamette Valley.

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