We are dedicated to 9 values to advance ourselves and our communities:

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Radical Inclusion

We welcome all minds looking for awe, wonder and joy. (Even the honey badger) We call out to strangers who seek freedom of the imagination to disrupt the world for the better.

Promotion of wonder and Awe

We promote the creation of spellbinding art to feel wonder and awe to supercharge change. We believe an inspired future in which each individual can live free of environmental deterioration and have a healthy life of personal, familial, financial, spiritual, communal, professional and intellectual growth.

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Radical Self Expression

People are the art of the Goose Cube and we provide them intimate moments inside environments. In these moments we hope people discover their radical self-expression and carry it on. Radical self-expression arises from the unique qualities of an individual. No one other than the individual or a collaborating group can determine its content. It is offered as a gift to their own growth. In this process we are unapologetic yet respect the liberties of others while rejoicing in our own vision of beauty.

Communal Experimentation

We live for family and community. Together we learn through experimentation and discover new actionable ways to improve communities. We look to eachother for mentorship and paired learning. We use ourselves a testbed for new ways of living and Goose Cubes as opportunities to experiment with others.

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Universal Access

Art should be accessible to people in the communities where they thrive. Just as all people should be given equal access to become their better selves through connections, mentoring, business and engaged assistance, so should people have engaged access to the awe of art experiences.

Rebellious Re-industrialization

Goose Cubes are experiments in re-industrialization made to engage the human senses, explore regenerative design, industrial design, architecture, engineering, business structures, technology, emergent social qualities and logistics. We stand with the rebellious re-industrialists that believe world issues can be resolved through a heroic thread of capitalism.

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We wish to extend the museum system to give access to underserved populations. We reject the gravity of the current system that pulls art experiences into the basements of institutions and billionaire collections. This is contrary to the needs of humanity. Art should live for people out in the wild of society and distributed to common locations. Since these are the times of the greatest problems humanity has ever faced, our art should be unbound to inspire new ways thinking.


While we understanding the balance of self growth in a modern society through our followers and likes, we believe in the unbounded promotion of each other within our community. This selfless approach to promotion keeps our story on the people who created the story, weaves gratitude into the narrative and lifts us all up together.

Refined Acceleration

We understand in the immediate need for action and the imperative to refine our actions so they have optimal impact.