Rising Gods

Steven Ochs 2024
Stereo Layering: Photomontage, Gen AI and Layering

Rising Gods series is an awe-inspiring series that encapsulates the abstract emergence of our greater selves. Its dramatic portrayal is a symphony of fiery hues and serene blues, embodying the dual nature of creation and calm. This piece invites onlookers into a realm where the divine intersects with the natural world, offering a glimpse into a spectacle where gods ascend from the depths in a display of power and mystique. Perfect for those who seek a touch of the sublime in their space, this series is a conversation starter, a statement of depth and imagination. This series of Stereo Layered works and a significant step in Steven's process.


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  • SizeWidth: 2 feet
    Height: 2 feet
    Depth: 2.5 inches
  • Weight25 lbs, comes with hanging apparatus
  • Collection ID0010
  • Requirements120v Electrical
  • Previous ProvenanceThe Artist's Estate
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