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What is it?
A Goose Cube is like the Holodeck, but an art experience.

Each museum-quality Goose Cube is a tech-enabled art experience that transports people to new worlds. The room-sized artworks are unique, mobile and fully automated. They are designed and built by our community then toured across the world.

Watch how people react to the inside of the Goose Cubes

Our platform is for artists, brands, agencies and cities to join in the immersive experience revolution.

We create the opportunity for brands, funders and cities to purchase, lease or commission Goose Cubes for events and locations. Additionally, we bring member artists, designers and agencies into projects and provide long-term management of Goose Cubes for clients.
Using our patented, automated high performance Goose Cube platform means that it can be placed anywhere and engage with the public with little or no supervision. However, if there is a need or question our digital service department can immediately respond to customers. Once a Goose Cube is live in the world, it's cared for by our company and lasts far beyond one activation. It becomes a work of art in our global museum, making Goose Cube one of the most sustainable marketing platforms in the world.

Who joins our community?
Innovators of experience

We experiment with structures, tech, art, code and design. Our members include artists, musicians, designers, engineers, programmers, UXers, industrial designers and creative technologists.

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To ignite the world's imagination of possibility through immersive storytelling in the intimate format called the Goose Cube. 🦄

Our fans love Goose Cubes. Here's some research to back it up.

Goose Cube has tested over 7 market locations in Portland, Oregon and made thousands of people laugh. The video is from our release at Comic Con 2021. The data is a response from an email of 300 randomly selected visitors.

Eight technologies we're putting into Goose Cubes

A.I. Generated Realities
Music Dynamics
Biofeedback UX
Blockchain Candy
A.I. Generative
Data Face-off
Turing Test
For humans
Projection Mapping
Foam Comedy
Generative A.I.
Biodynamics Reboot
Artificial Materials
Fashion Trends
We are disrupting immersive experiences so new ideas and stories can spring to life.
Expanding an industry

The Goose Cube is a revolution like the canvas was to painters.

The format that is supported by a technological framework sets a foundation for new storytelling.

Goose Cube is a foundation of a new immersive world. It is change how art is presented. While digital Van Gogh is like a long format story, the Goose Cube is like a Tweet. It is short, fun and can be easily moved from one location to another. As a format the outside and digital exhaust can be branded but the interior must be void of any branding. This is because visitors are meant to be transported to another world. The absense of branding and commercialization is key to that story. This allows both artists and brands to create wonderful immersive stories and art which will elevate the field and drive new experiential innovations.

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