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Goose Cube
Make a statement your neighborhood
What is a it?
A Goose Cube is like the Holodeck, but an art experience.

The room-sized Goose Cube is a tech-enabled art experience that takes people to a new world. Each is designed and built by our community then toured around the world.

Watch how people react to the inside of the Goose Cubes

is an immersive experience co-op powered by cryptocurrency, otherwise known as... a DAO.

We are GEESE DAO a loyal bunch creating Goose Cubes. A DAO (Decentralized Autonomous Organization, pronounced like WOW!) is a company that is managed and run by its members. We design and build Goose Cubes. When a Goose Cube sells a ticket, it is converted into our crypto token. This is then redistributed back our members. Like Bitcoin, everyday that our crypto token increases in value, it brings that wealth back to the community. Imagine if Facebook returned all its revenue to the people that participated in making it. But, a DAO is more than that.

As a community, we fund projects, offer support and provide benefits to our members.

Who is in the community?

We are the innovators of experiences, we blend technology and the world around you. Our members include artists, musicians, designers, engineers, programmers, UXers, industrial designers, creative technologists and generally people who like to experiement with tech, art and design. We also a buncha folks who promote $GEESE token for our DAO.

We chose to be Geese because they are loyal, inclusive and share leadership.

Make Goose Cubes with us

How will we compete with the worlds largest entertainment companies?

Watch how we will unify three parts: Our tech, our community and our token.

Goose Cube Patented Technology

The Goose Cubes are fully automated, allowing a passerby to scan a QR code, pay and the door automatically opens. This starts the experience.

Goose Cube automated entry video

Our community is the driving force for exceptional experiences, jaw dropping art and patentable innovations. Business operations and logistics are to be automated to support our community actions.

$GEESE cryptocurrency

Smart contracts will automate all finacial transactions for Goose Cube driving coin utilization causing increased value for the token.

Our crytpocurrency is launching
PRESALE: Get the $GEESE coin before we launch it

Thanks for getting $GEESE. Even if you know nothing about Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies, getting $GEESE is super simple. We've done it because we believe people outside of the typical crypto world should have access. We hope you see the opportunity that comes being involved in a project on the road to big wins. We would love to have you participate.

Disrupting a $34 billion industry
Goose Cubes are in the world and revenue positive

Since our launch at Comic Con in September 2021, over 10,000 visitors have entered Goose Cubes. With the launch of our new token we enter the next phase of the roadmap. Our current growth projects us to earn a billion dollars in revenue in 3 years. However, rather than create wealth for VCs who want to invest in us, we want to flip the script and give wealth back people who are part of Goose Cube. Make a Goose Cube and earn money while DAO manages it.

Review the Roadmap
Our fans love Goose Cubes. Here's some research to back it up.

Goose Cube has tested over 7 market locations in Portland, Oregon and made thousands of people laugh. The video is from our release at Comic Con 2021. The data is a response of 54 people from an email of 300 randomly selected visitors.

Season One
Rise of the $GEESE DAO

In Web3, organizations outline their progress phases in Seasons. In our roadmap we outline 5 major seasons for the growth of our company. If you enjoy digital art, UX, inventing, DIY, industrial design, scifi, research, psychology, brain hacking, electrical engineering, marketing making art and music, we invite you to join us for Season One: Rise of the $GEESE DAO.

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Got Ideas?

Join $GEESE DAO Calling Creatives

As part of the $GEESE DAO you can submit ideas, top ideas will go to production. We'll work with you to make it. Join others groups to learn new skills.


The best sponsorships Agencies, brands and cities

We collaborate with agencies to create experiences that elevate interest then we provide turn-key maintainence & services. Add your agency

Engineer or Build?

Decentralized construction Micro Studios

$GEESE DAO connect micro construction studios as part of the hyperscaling roadmap. Sign up to be a studio.


Design Swarm innovation challenges

Be part of the $GEESE and be called on to swarm with a team in a hackathons to solve innovation issues, such as how do we drive that car with an emotive headset? Paid in $GEESE.

Our DAO model means cracking open immersive for new artists, ideas and studios to spring to life... with pure creativity at their core.
Disrupt a $34 billion industry

$GEESE Token will enable a number of opportunities.

The token will be the format of financial exchange in this growing market.

$GEESE will be a foundation of the immersive world. We will use $Geese as the default standard for pay to team members, collaborators, supply chain and everything inbetween. This will allow us to use smart contracts to automate the design, build and supply chain processes.

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