What is it about?

The Goose Cube

Think of Goose Cubes as diaoramas for people. They are room sized artworks that you get into. We're working with the top artists to create experiences that are evocative, stunning and inspiring for you. So get in one, play around, take some photos and vibe. You'll see what we mean!

As a pandemic era project we know how everyone's feeling, that's why we're launching in a city near you. Can't wait to see ya!

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The Armory Downtown Portland

Soory that you won't get to see the first Goose Cube at the Armory. However, we're putting it in a secret location next, so sign up below and get the secret location emailed to you right before it opens. It's going to be super fun! We can't wait to see you.

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Expanding to cities across America

Be a Goose: Get off the couch and see something new

Got a perfect spot for a Goose Cube?

Are you the manager of a location and you want to attract visitors? Great! Art should be accessible to everyone as they experience the world. Send us a link to your location and your contact information and we'll reach out to you. If you're location is selected we'll tell your locals where to see it.

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We're the Spotify for installation artists

Call for architects, set designers, installation artists and designers

The Goose Cube Project challenges creators limits of imagination on a standardized format, an 8 foot cube. Just as the canvas and frame provided a format for painters to show their vision, we see Goose Cubes as the modern format for installation artists, creators, set designers and architects. Each Goose Cube is built with a complete technology stack to allow creators to put a cube out in the world, connect with fans and generate recurring revenue.
We're funding artists in cities in the United States to build cubes now. Fill out your form and apply to join us.