I have no idea what that was
but I'm absolutely in love with it.
- Cheryl at Comic Con
What's it like?
Divinely weird

Inception Cube

Stage: Completed in circulation
Inception Cube was originally developed as a system to key time travelers to enter this timeline. However, it functions more effectively as a tool to leave your current reality and come into another one. Science based on Arnold Mindell's theories. The exterior was created by one of Portland's top print artists, Chris Chandler. The mirrored interior was created by Steven Ochs. You can select a variety of options for the experience before you enter.

Fortune Cube

Stage: Completed in circulation
Fortune Goose Cube is a story about wealth, the environment, space and cats. It's a landmark a wonderful way. The artist: Steven Ochs

Peek a gif of the outside

A.I. Karoake Cube

Stage: Design
Goose Cubes are made with creators in mind. Either you can enter and have an immersive experience or you can make something. In AI Karaoke Goose Cube you can select your favorite genre and artist. Artificial Intelligence will generate a song and Lyrics for you. All you have to do is make it amazing. We record it and publish it to soundcloud if you like so you can become the next Justin Beiber. Coming November 2022.

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Stage: Design
Indoors outdoors Cube

We're currently working on using shipping containers for the upcoming Goose Cube Releases. We'll leave one out on the trail this summer so you can stop off and get a peak. This design will function as the framework for our upcoming hyperscaling year. Releasing summer 2022.

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Real VR Cube

Stage: Design
Our endeavor to engage the VR community will allow us the capabilities to connect design to manufacturing. For this we are developing a full screen experience on the outside and inside of a line of Goose Cubes. This will also allow us to provide VR artists with a location to show thier work and earn money from that presentation.

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Our fans love Goose Cubes. Here's some research to back it up.

Goose Cube has tested over 7 market locations in Portland, Oregon and made thousands of people laugh. The video is from our release at Comic Con 2021. The data is a response of 54 people from an email of 300 randomly selected visitors.

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